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Our Community Impact
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With over 1,500 alumni, our Seminar alumni hail from throughout Massachusetts, and around the world.​​

We are proud to offer our program to a wonderfully diverse population, from a wide range of backgrounds. Our most recent classes have included:

In 2018, our graduates included students from the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Singapore, and Haiti who are looking to improve the lives of others…a Philippine-born, Brooklyn-raised activist who has been organizing since she was 13 years old…an East Boston basketball coach and volunteer looking to take the next step in her life & career development…a Reverend from Korea who made the trip into the Seminar each week from Amherst, MA… Suffolk University students who are looking for the tools to help mobilize their communities…a National Urban Fellow, seeking her Masters in Public Administration, and…a Hong Kong native with a Masters in Urban Planning.

Our 2017 alums included students from as close as Roxbury, to as far away as Kenya, Ethiopia, and India, as well as: A home-schooled high-school Junior from Brockton who made the weekly trip into Boston...a clinical Ph.D. who grew up in public housing...other notable grads include a mother of two, born in the Congo, whose goal is to be a pro-bono lawyer for immigrants…a Chinese American entrepreneur looking to challenge racial stereotypes…the daughter of Palestinian immigrants who changed career paths after the November 2016 elections, and…a first-generation immigrant from South Korea who has become a respected doctor and leader in the community.

We’re humbled that many of these students have taken the lessons they’ve learned at the Seminar and proceeded to make even greater impacts in their respective communities.

1,500+ Seminar Alumni from…

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- 71% New/1st Generation American
- 64% Women
- 39% Black/African American
- 31% Hispanic/Latino
- 21% Asian American



-99.7% of Seminar grads would take the Seminar and would recommend the Seminar to friends, family or co-workers

-92.8% stated that the Seminar increased their understanding of how government operates and made them feel more comfortable working with public officials and their offices 

-86% become more civically engaged after taking the Seminar



- 500+ Organizations & Businesses
- 80+ Cities & Towns
- 32% Boston based
- 21 Countries Represented


Between 2011-2020

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- Coralys Negretti
“I hope to utilize my learnings from the Commonwealth Seminar to empower myself and others to be more engaged constituents who can better advocate for issues that impact underrepresented communities.”  


Calling all alumni! Are you working on something cool that you want the Seminar family to know about? Let us help you get the word out! Submit a Seminar Spotlight below to be featured on the Seminar's social media!

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