Meet Our Incredible Winter 2020 Class!

Photo credits: Lleyton Wing

Hussein Ali ~ Junie Celestin ~ Vallery Cardoso ~ Amethyst Carey

Regine Celius ~ Elizavette Cordero ~ Chanel Fields ~ Kim Gilmore

Catherine Gleason~ ~ Yves Jean ~ Kristiana Lachiusa ~ Anthea Lavergne

Susan Le ~ Sue Li ~ Anastasia Martinez ~ Stephanie Nakajima ~ Marynee Pontes

Barry Reaves ~ Indira Taveras ~ Ashley Torres ~ Rev. Jacob Urena

Celine N Voyard ~ Justine Wang ~ Aiyana M Williams ~ Rebecca Wood

Our Winter 2020 Seminar class is a diverse and dynamic group, including:

- A native of both Somalia and Kenya advocating for affordable housing

- A Haitian native, brought to America by his parents, pursuing his masters degree

- Two health care advocates fighting to expand Medicare accessibility

- An ordained Deacon whose passion is social and racial justice

- A Cambridge Public School teacher seeking to affect institutional change

- Two first-generation Cape Verdeans - one working for economic equality, and the other

      focusing on environmental issues

- A military veteran now committed to training and educating professionals in the City of


- A community organizer and mother who recently brought her passion for health care

      (and her adorable daughter!) to Boston from Virginia

- An Americorp and Chica Project graduate working for indigenous and LGBQT+ rights

- A Boston Public School teacher who wants to run for office

- A Fulbright Scholar and Dorchester native passionate about teaching

- Livable Streets Alliance colleagues who are concerned about our transportation system

      and its affordability

- An activist working two jobs who assists people with home ownership issues

- An artist and photographer aspiring to make change with her art

- A New Jersey native who advocates for worker-ownership

- Students and alumni from U/MA-Boston, working on a wide range of issues, including:

      prison reform, mental health issues, LGBTQ+ equality, and equal access to health care.