Meet the Commonwealth Seminar's Winter Class of 2019!

Photo credits: Lleyton Wing

Our newest Seminar class is, once again, an incredibly diverse & dynamic group, including:

- A New American from Haiti working to improve public health access around Greater Boston

- A Codman Square activist who founded a new organization to elevate voices in his community

- Staff and volunteers at the Asian American Civic Association which continues its longstanding

        partnership with the Seminar

- A Fall River native working in Roxbury and Dorchester to improve the lives of youth in both


- Staff and administrators from Bunker Hill Community College whose new partnership with the

        Seminar is an exciting collaboration

- A veteran and former candidate for State Representative who advocates for veterans' rights

- New partners from CHICA Project who are doing amazing work empowering Latina leaders and

        other leaders-of-color

- A college sophomore working to expand and improve the rights of Native Americans

- A Ph.D student from India, working on transgender issues in India

- An ESL teacher who hails from Barcelona, Spain

... and over a dozen more students who have fascinating stories, and are looking to effectuate

        positive change in their communities