Meet our Fall 2019 Class

Photos by Lleyton Wing

Meet our fantastic Fall 2019 Class.  A dynamic, generous group which includes:

- A New American from Trinidad working towards her Bachelors degree at U/Mass-Boston

- A former high school teacher who started a non-profit organization to teach youth about civic engagement.

- Two New Americans from Chile: one who is working with undocumented immigrants and the other working on watershed issues.

- A native of Peru who is teaching financial literacy and interested in economic mobility

- An 11th grader from Lynn, who has already been a longtime activist in his community.

- A self-described “military brat” who recently ran for District Attorney

- An Algerian native who recently traveled back to her native country to participate in peaceful, democratic protests.

- A campaign veteran who has worked for the Governor, and on two high-profile campaigns in Boston

- A native of Peru who is teaching financial literacy

- Committed students whose families hail from the Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic… all deeply involved in their communities.